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Here you can find a partial list of topics that I often deal with, arranged by age groups.


The work is multifocal, and relates to the person as a whole.

Parents   |  Children  |  Adolescents  |  20-50  |  Senior

I have been working as a Senior Clinical and School Psychologist for the last 50 years, out of my pleasant office at Emanuel HaRomi Boulevard in northern Tel Aviv. My approach to treatment is integrative, dealing with problems along the entire life span. I specialize in hypnosis, psychotherapy and couples therapy.


  • Towards childbirth, including hypnotic preparation for childbirth

  • Early childhood

  • Adaptation problems, emotional difficulties, behavioral problems (see Childcare)

  • Adaptation to adolescence

  • Dealing with problematic adult children

Walk in the Woods

Happy Kids Restaurant


  • Social adjustment problems

  • Self-confidence, self-image

  • Behavior around studies (concentration, capacity utilization, etc.)

  • Defined problems (wetting, stuttering, phobias and focused fears, etc.)

  • Teaching self-hypnosis to children dealing with serious illnesses


  • Social adjustment, contact problems

  • Anxieties

  • Identity problems, self-confidence, self-image

  • Difficulties around studies (motivation, concentration, investment)

  • Difficulties with parents

  • Difficulties around military recruitment and service

Male Teenager

Young Doctor


  • Post-military adaptation, identity, direction of employment

  • Contact with the opposite sex and maintaining continuity

  • Childbirth Preparation

  • Difficulties in relationships

  • Anxieties and phobias

  • Depression and emptiness problems

  • Problems around performance (fulfillment, exhaustion of ability)

  • Pain control

  • Stress and finding ways to calm down and calm down

  • Creating mental balance (conflicts, self-image, self-confidence)

  • Processing traumatic issues

  • Crises around nodes in life (30, 40, 50)

Senior counseling

  • Adaptation to retirement

  • Coping in the role of grandparents

  • Body-mind problems

  • Adaptation to aging

  • Anxieties

  • Pain control

Senior Businessman
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