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I have been working as a Senior Clinical and School Psychologist for the last 50 years, out of my pleasant office at Emanuel HaRomi Boulevard in northern Tel Aviv. My approach to treatment is integrative, dealing with problems along the entire life span. I specialize in hypnosis, psychotherapy and couples therapy.

Personal details:

I was born in Switzerland, married, father of 3 children & proud grandfather of 10!

I speak English, French and German, and of course Hebrew.

Professional status:

I am a Senior Clinical & School Psychologist, licensed to treat and teach hypnosis, past lecturer and coordinator of hypnosis courses School of Graduate Studies at the School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University.


I studied for a B.A (1967), a M.A (1975) in psychology, and a PhD (1983) in clinical psychology,at the City University of New York. My post-graduate studies included psychoanalytically oriented psychotherapy (Psychoanalitic Institute, Jerusalem), family therapy, and hypnosis.

Hypnosis activities

  • Chairman of the Jerusalem Branch, The Israeli Hypnosis Association (1986-1989)

  • Secretary, The Israeli Hypnosis Association (1992-1995)

  • Chairman, The Israeli Hypnosis Association (1995-2001)

  • Chairman of the Board of Representatives of the International Organization for Hypnosis (1997-2003)

  • President of the European Hypnosis Organization (2002-2005)

  • Member of the Central Committee, International Organization for Hypnosis (2003-2006)

  • Former President, European Hypnosis Organization (2005-2008)

  • Chairman of the Committee for Hypnosis Programs in Europe (2011-2006)

Work experience

  • Specialist in Clinical Psychology, Eitanim Hospital (1970-1975)

  • Responsible for the Mental Health Station, Beit Shemesh (1973-1976)

  • Director of the Educational Psychological Service, Beit Shemesh (1975-1983)

  • Director of the "Roots" Therapeutic Garden (1982-1986)

  • Guide, Center for Child Development, Jerusalem (1981 - 1987)

  • Owner of a private clinic, Jerusalem (1973-2014)

  • Owner of a private clinic, Tel Aviv (1995 -)

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