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I work according to an integrative / integrated concept, emphasizing the adaptation of the tools and the approach according to the needs of the applicant. The modern integrative school takes the character, personality, and style of the applicant, along with the language of his or her problem (symptom) as facilitators for the adjustment of therapeutic tools. To this end, I tend to combine in the psychological treatment (psychotherapeutic) based on conversations and shared thinking, hypnotic components, psychodynamic, behavioral, physical, and non-verbal, along with the reflection of the language and mentality of the applicant. In treatment, emphasis is placed on the experience of the problem and the problems in life. From this, it is easier to pull out and connect to forces and ways of coping that have not yet been expressed. Typically, we utilize only a small portion of our capabilities. A positive therapeutic session makes it possible, through dealing with another person, to discover essential forces for effective treatment of problems. The Hypnotic approach makes a particularly respectable contribution to finding the creative way of coping more helpful.

A number of basic assumptions that guide my approach and perception:


Another aspect of the same perception is expressed in language: we constantly make choices: It's either this or that -  I discovered some time ago, that things open up if we give up the 'or' of life, and begin to accept that things are not exclusive. Sometimes both are true. There is even room for contrasts in life.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

The earth is round

Although Pythagoras discovered the formula hundreds of years ago. It became clear to me during many encounters with applicants, that we still react emotionally as if the earth is flat! That is, if I do something, or something will happen - it will be the end of the world! This conclusion is the fruit of a digital-linear perception, as if there is no world after the act. But, if the earth is a round, everything goes on ... there is always another day!
I can say that I try to allow a connection to the analog reality, to understand that there is a sequel.


The two "discoveries" are related to the same thing.

In our brain, there are two Hemispheres. The left Hemisphere is related to language, logic, perception of reality, and operates digitally and dichotomously (yes or no, black or white, 0 or 1). The right Hemisphere, on the other hand, operates analogously, related to intuition, perception of the whole, feelings, and so on. In the two conclusions above, I connected to the function of the right Hemisphere: the round earth, everything is relative, there is a continuation, both and… and in treatment, I strive to create a supportive and safe atmosphere, where each turner can afford to leave the left Hemisphere for a while, and connect to the right Hemisphere, which enables "browsing" sites that have tools and solutions to problems.

The overarching goal of the therapy session is to achieve integration, to allow everyone to be the “conductor” of the orchestra of instruments, voices, inner sides. Therefore, in every treatment, I strive for inner peace and cooperation. This is despite the fact that most of the applicants come with a warlike perception: I want to resign from ... get it out of me, I hate the ... inside me. In response, I suggest reaching out to the distracting parts and sides, assuming that each problem (symptom) expresses a need to strive for better coping. By understanding and sharing with this side, balance and "peace" can be achieved.

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