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Audience and Lecturer

Hypnosis Training Group

In light of the updated regulations for the Hypnosis Act, you should receive guidance on at least 3 cases.

Even after obtaining the license, the ability to appropriately incorporate a hypnotic approach during psychological treatment requires appropriate skill and preparation.

The training groups come to provide a supportive framework, in the format of small groups (4-8 participants) for the development of these skills.

The course will include demonstration and practice of advanced methods in hypnosis (such as indirect method, ideo-motoric skills, hypnoanalysis, metaphors, etc.), and instruction in the application of the methods in therapeutic work with children, adolescents and adults. Participants who are preparing for the licensing exam could be assisted in preparing for the test and receiving the necessary guidance under the new regulations.
Special emphasis was placed on the integration of hypnotic tools in psychotherapy.

Non-Verbal Approach

Non-verbal suggestions tend to be especially effective, as they bypass logic and rationality.

It is useful for hypnotherapists to familiarize themselves with the various non-verbal techniques, & their applications with different types of clients and symptom pictures. The use of the Gong will be featured, alongside vocal, auditory & kinesthetic approaches for individual, couple & group work.

סדנת שילוב של היפנוזה



Application of Hypnosis in Therapy

One of the most difficult fields of application of hypnosis is in Psychotherapy. Questions of timing, style, transference and applicability in working through often stunt the novice hypnotherapist, and limit the application to peripheral issues. The workshop will deal with applicability, including contra-indications, and focus upon the different approaches within Hypno-analysis, alongside Ericksonian approaches.

Performance Anxieties

The various forms of performance anxieties seem to be very prevalent these days: From the various forms of Test anxiety, stage fright, to different manifestations of social anxieties, all supply the hypnotherapist with challenges, as often clients come at the last moment (eve of a test etc.). the workshop will focus upon the different hypnotic techniques available, and their integration into an apt approach suiting the particular client.

On Stage
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Control Panel

One key component of Hypnotic work is the emphasis upon affective involvement. The workshop zooms in upon the various approaches to amplify as well as attenuate affective experience, including the utilization of original techniques such as the Control Panel, Hot Air Balloon & the Gong.

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